Why TATAK ROYALE? Tatak Royale Web Blog highlights the PRODUCTS line of ROYALE BRAND. Royale Products are manufactured under CGMP Practices, it is FDA registered, BFAD Approved, regulated by PIPAC and Certified HALAL. Our products carries SUPERBRANDS Status, a world class, First in the industry serving high quality health supplements and beauty products at very affordable price with unique selling proposition. Use of Royale Products not only gives you chance to experience the products beneficial effect but also invites you to an entrepreneurship opportunity that can change your life by doing Royale as a Part Time / Full Time business.

To have the idea what our PRODUCTS are just scroll down the page or you can go browse our PRODUCTS section for more detailed infos regarding all our inventories. If you like and want to ORDER a product or have queries on how to do Royale as Part Time / Full Time job just leave us a message on the CONTACT US section. You can also reach us through our FACEBOOK page or you can add and mesage me on my Facebook Account.

Gluta Whitening Capsule
Gluta Whitening Soap
Gluta Whitening Lotion
Gluta Whitening Cream
Gluta Anti Ageing Line Corrector Cream
Kojic Papaya Soap
Anti-Ageing Soap
Pinkish Glow Cream
Pinkish Glow Toner
Royale Beauty Lipstick
Pinkish Glow Capsule
Royale Grapeseed
Royale-C Sodium Ascorbate
Royale Prime MultiVitamins
Royale Diabetwatch
Choco All 8
Coffee Lite
Coffee Regular
Roasted Corn Blend Coffee
Richarge Power Drink
Gluta Whitening Deodorant
L'opulent Jeune BB Creme
L'opulent Jeune BB Creme
L'opulent Lumiere
L'opulent Lumiere
L'opulent Melleur
L'opulent Melleure
L'opulent Rejuv
L'opulent Rejuv

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